BREAKFAST ※基本プランに含まれます

Japanese style or Western style, please choose one of the styles.
Meals are provided. Please use the rice cooker and cooking utensils provided in the kitchen to prepare your own breakfast.

  • Japanese set as served Japanese set ingredients
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      Japanese style breakfast

      • Miyama Rice
        Miyama rice is grown in rich field and clear water of Yura river. Moderate stickness and tasty flavor is its characteristic.
      • Miso soup
        A pot of miso soup is provided by THYME.
      • Cage-free Miyama egg
        Eggs from cage-free eggs are healthy and tasty.
      • Dried fish from Obama, Fukui
        * Seafood from Obama may not be available due to availability.
      • Miyama's pickles and boiled vegetables
      • Keihoku's Natto
        Keihoku, Miyama's adjacent area in Kyoto City, is considered to be the birth place of natto.
      • Yogurt・Blueberry jam
        Yogurt made with 100% Miyama milk is topped with Miyama blueberry jam (only granulated sugar is used. Lightly sweetened), allowing you to enjoy the original taste of blueberries.
  • Western style breakfast Western style breakfast
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      Western style breakfast

      • Bread from local bakery
        Additive-free bread made from 100% Hokkaido Tokachi wheat made by a popular bakery near Miyama Town. THYME's recommended morning bread with a fragrant wheat scent.
      • Minyama Venison sausage
        It is a handmade sausage of Miyama deer. Venison is a healthy ingredient that is high in protein, low in calories, and high in iron, which makes women happy.
      • Miyama milk
        Miyama milk is produced from raw milk of local dairy farmers using pasteurizing method.
      • Cage-free Miyama egg
        Eggs from cage-free eggs are healthy and tasty.
      • Craft Soup
        Handmade soup made from natural ingredients, devised by a chef who runs a French restaurant in Gion, Kyoto. We offer delicious, satisfying and healthy craft soups daily.
      • Yogurt・Blueberry jam
        Yogurt made with 100% Miyama milk is topped with Miyama blueberry jam (only granulated sugar is used. Lightly sweetened), allowing you to enjoy the original taste of blueberries.


At THYME, we offer "Charcoal BBQ" or "Dinner catering service from local restaurant" as a dinner set.

  • meat for BBQ set

    ※ photo is an example

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      Charcoal BBQ set (for 1 person)

      Guests can choose venue, indoor or outdoor.
      Outdoor BBQ is at THYME's wood deck terrace while enjoying rural landscape and starry sky.
      Indoor BBQ is at Irori sunken hearth next to kitchen which is recommended during winter period or in bad weather. Please choose your preferred venue at the time of booking.

      The ingredients for the Charcoal BBQ will be provided, so you will be able to cut them yourself in the inn's kitchen.
      Customers who wish to have ingredients cut and prepared will be charged an additional 1,000 yen (payment will be made on site).

      • menu

        • kyoto local chicken (tigh) 100g
        • wagyu loin 100g
        • ajillo (with baguette)
        • sausages
        • 5 different seasonal vegetables
        • fried Noodles
        • ※The contents of seasonal vegetables change depending on the season.

          It is also possible to order single ingredients / menus, so please do not hesitate to tell us when you make a reservation.
          ※Payment will be made on site
  • ajillo
      • <Side order>

      • Kyoto local chicken (tigh) 100g 600yen
        wagyu beef 100g 1,000yen
        Miyama handmade sausages (herb flavored) 1 package 1,000yen
        Miyama handmade sausages (venison) 1 package 1,000yen
        Miyama bacon 1 package 1,000yen
        fish Ayu (with bamboo skewers and salt)
        from June ~ end of August
        1 fish 900yen
        fish Amago (with bamboo skewers and salt)
        from November ~ end of April
        1 fish 500yen
        ※Can be purchased additionally in units of 1
        1 unit 200yen
        seasonal ajillo (with baguette) 1,000yen
        bread 1 piece 300yen
      • <Free Rental>

        • Irori Sunken Hearth table, Weber BBQ grill, fire tong, BBQ gloves, BBQ sauce, Homemade Green Chili Miso, salt, pepper, plates, glasses, chop stick, cutlery, tong, IH cooking heater, fish grill, freezer/refrigerator, rice cooker, toaster, coffee mill, coffee bean, sauce pan, fry pan, and oil.
      • <Available for purchase>

        • BBQ net for Weber BBQ grill JPY 600
        • 1 kg of charcoal (700yen)
      • Starting a charcoal fire and cleaning up after the BBQ

        • For safety reason, our staff will do all the charcoal fire and clean up after the hearth BBQ.

  • hearth set
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      Dinner catering service from local restaurant

      It will be a catering service by the local cuisine inn "Kigsuriya".
      Enjoy slow food while cooking slowly over a charcoal fire at THYME's recommended hearth table.

      • Kyo chicken sukiyaki

        Sukiyaki of Miyama's local chicken.
        Please enjoy it with plenty of vegetables in a thick but not overly sweet sauce.
        It comes with small bowl, rice and dessert.
      • Kyo chicken hearth pot

        Hot pot of Miyama's local chicken
        Please enjoy it with a refreshing yet rich soup stock and plenty of vegetables.
        It comes with small bowl, rice and dessert.

drink DRINK

  • draft beer server
    • draft beer server

      A beer server machine is permanently installed.
      A BBQ or hot pot on the sunken hearth with cold draft beer is a perfect combination.
      You can enjoy it not only in summer but also in winter.
      You can also enjoy the extraordinary experience of pouring beer from the server.
      Please take this opportunity to try it!


      • Kirin Ichiban Shibori 2,400yen(inc Tax)

      ※All are 3 liters per bottle.
      ※You can purchase from one, so please let us know the required number at the time of booking.
      ※Because it is sold in barrels. Please note that the amount cannot be reduced even if you have not finished drinking.
      ※Please make a reservation by the day before your stay.
      ※Payment will be made at check-out.

    • alcohol・soft drink

      Miyama Sake/Tengori 720ml
      Miyama Sake/Tengori 300ml
      Kyoto Tanba Wine/Assemblage (red・white) 720ml
      Kyoto Tanba Wine/Assemblage (red・white) 360ml
      beer can/Kirin Ichiban Shibori 500ml
      beer can/Kirin Ichiban Shibori 350ml

      ※We also have various types of sake, shochu, whiskey, etc. other than those shown, so please do not hesitate to contact us when making a reservation.



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