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Kominka Inn THYME
art & herbs

Kyoto Miyama
The region lying just 50 kilometers north of the old capital Kyoto

Where nature and people exist in harmony for more than 1000 years
Here and there you can spot glimples of "the old Japan".
Staying at luxury cottage built 100 years ago in Kyoto Miyama
Discover unknown "time" through unexpected encounters

Unwind and relax from hectic pace of everyday life and
slipping back in time.

  • Rice planting

    Season of bright new green! It's also the time for rice planting

    #Rice planting
  • Enjoy riverside activities

    In summer, get into the cool and clear water flowing Miyama river!

    #Enjoy riverside activities
  • Scenic landscape

    Landscape from THYME's herb garden or wood deck terrace is stunning

    #Scenic landscape
  • Miyama's thatched village in autumn

    Nostalgic scenery in autumn Miyama.

    #Miyama's thatched village in autumn
  • Autumn colored Miyama

    Autumn leaves paint Miyama mountains in red

    #Autumn colored Miyama
  • Sea of clouds at dawn in Miyama

    The spectacular view created by nature is full of mystery and romance.

    #Sea of clouds at dawn in Miyama
  • Autumn leaves

    Mountains in Miyama are colored in brocade in autumn

    #Autumn leaves
  • Covered by white snow

    Encountering white silver landscape that cannot be experienced in the city

    #Covered by white snow
  • Sakura Blooming in Nearby Park

    Cherry blossoms blooming in nearby park. Spring in satoyama Miyama

    #Sakura Blooming in Nearby Park
  • Sakura blooming at Ohno Dam  Park in Miyama

    Cherry blossom blooming surrounded by spring mountains in Miyama after long chilly winter period,

    #Sakura blooming at Ohno Dam Park in Miyama
  • Swimming in the blue sky

    Carp streamers swim in the blue sky in the village mountains during fresh green season

    #Swimming in the blue sky

THYME's facilities

Kominka Inn THYME's unique feature is its vast space and unique facilities spot around.
Modern art exhibited in the Japanese traditional house, wood deck terrace overlooking herb garden and rural landscape.
You can spend your time as you wish.
  • 01
    Multi-purpose space
    Multi-purpose space
  • 02
    Wood deck terrace
    Wood deck terrace
  • 03
    Irori sunken hearth
    Irori sunken hearth
  • 04
    Herb Garden
    Herb Garden
  • 05
    Bath room
    Bath room


  • free-parking space


  • air conditioner

    air conditioner

  • free-Wi-fi


  • kitchen


  • projector


  • screen


  • bath


  • BBQ


  • hearth


  • firewood heater

    firewood heater

  • beer server

    beer server

  • wood deck

    wood deckterrace



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