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Please accumulate your own unique time that you can only experience here!

  • Art Experience

    Art Experience

    The interior of THYME has an in-house gallery, a long high-ceilinged exhibition space, showcasing art works of ex-mother (1935-2005) of THYME’s owner. The guests may gain a new insight from spending one night surrounded by arts.
    Spend overnight at art gallery, an exceptional experience at THYME.

  • Stroll around the herb garden

    Stroll around the herb garden

    THYME’s herb garden is like a living encyclopedia with around 100 varieties of herbs here and abroad. Of course, visitors can also find variety of thyme (our inn’s name!) together with other well-known herbs and flowers.

  • Stay one night with your dog

    Stay one night with your dog

    Your whole family is welcome at THYME! Bring your dog along for your next holiday and relax.

    • Requests to the guests with your dogs.
      • Maxmum of 3 dogs, any size of dog.
      • Certificate of rabies vaccination. If no such certificate, present veterinary certificate.
      • Limited to dogs that are potty trained and do not bark.
      • Dogs with marking habits are required to wear diapers and manner belts.
      • Please be sure to bring your dog's leash. In case you forget it, your dog cannot get into our inn.
      • Please be sure to read < Prohibited Acts and Requests > in the Terms and Conditions. for accommodation agreement
  • Enjoy audio & visual equipments

    Enjoy audio & visual equipments

    Watch your favorite videos and smile-filled photos taken in Miyama on the 100-inch screen.

  • Yoga


    An open-air yoga overlooking herb garden and rustic scenery with moutain backdrops behind, or indoor yoga surrounded by art works, which do you prefer?

  • Workcation


    Instead of struggling to create a hard barrier between work and life, why not combine them? Remote work at THYME in the morning and enjoy holiday in beautiful nature of Miyama in the afternoon!

  • Team building

    Team building

    THYME serves as one of the most unique and picturesque destinations to host your team building adventure.  Fully equipped for your team building discussions including projector and screen.

  • Party


    Party with your loved friends at THYME’s multi-purpose space or wood deck terrace should be your unforgettable memory.

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