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General Terms and Conditions

Application of the General Terms and Conditions

Article 1
Accommodation contracts and related agreements entered into by our inn shall be in accordance with the provisions of these general terms and conditions, and any matters not provided for in these general terms and conditions shall be construed in accordance with laws and regulations or customary practices.

2 Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, in the event that we agree to a special agreement within the scope that does not contravene the intent of these General Terms and Conditions, laws and regulations, and customs, such special agreement shall take precedence over these General Terms and Conditions.

Reservation Request

Article 2
Anyone who will make reservation request to stay our Inn is required to provide the following information:
(1) Name
(2) Desired date of stay and estimated arrival time
(3) Contact information
(4) Other items deemed necessary
2 In the event that a guest requests to continue his/her stay beyond the date of stay as specified in the second item of the preceding paragraph during his/her stay, we will accept the request only if there is no reservation for the desired additional date(s)  and will treat the request as an application for a new accommodation contract provided that the accommodation charge for such additional dates is paid in advance.

Payment of deposit

Article 3
The person making a reservation in accordance with the preceding article shall pay the deposit designated by our inn within 7 days from the day of application pursuant to the method designated by us.
2 The deposit shall be applied to the accommodation charge payable by the guest, and in the event that the provisions of Article 7 and 19 shall apply, the deposit shall be applied in the order of cancellation charge followed by damages and any remaining balance shall be refunded at the time of payment pursuant to the provisions under Article 12.

Accommodation Contract

Article 4
The accommodation contract shall be concluded when our inn confirms the payment of the deposit as described in the preceding article.  The order of conclusion of contract shall be in accordance with the order of acceptance of reservation request as stipulated in Article 2.
2 If the deposit is not paid by the due date specified in Article 3.1, our inn will treat the relevant reservation as if it had never been made.
3 Once an accommodation contract has been concluded, our inn cannot accept any changes to the date of stay afterwards.  In the event the guest wishes to change the accommodation date, the guest shall cancel the accommodation contract and make a new accommodation reservation in accordance with the provisions for cancellation under Article 7 herein.

 Special agreement not to require deposit 

Article 5
Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 3, our inn may accept a special agreement not to require payment of the reservation deposit.

Rejection of accommodation contract

Article 6
Our inn may reject to conclude an accommodation contract in the following cases:
(1) If the reservation request is not in accordance with these terms and conditions.
(2) When there is no room available due to full occupancy.
(3)If it is considered that the person making reservation request is likely to conduct that is contrary to any applicable laws, regulations, public order or good morals in connection with the accommodation.
(4) If it is considered the person making reservation request falls under any of the following items (a) through (c):

(a)  a member of a crime syndicate (hereinafter referred to as “crime syndicate”) stipulated in Article 2, item 2 of the Law Concerning Prevention of Unjust Acts by Members of Crime Syndicates (Law No. 77, 1991). (hereinafter referred to as “Boryokudan”), Boryokudan-in prescribed in Article 2, item 6 of the same law (hereinafter referred to as “Boryokudan-in”) (iii) Boryokudan (organized crime groups), quasi-constituents of organized crime groups, or persons related to organized crime groups, and other antisocial forces.
(b) a corporate entity or other organization whose business activities are controlled by a crime syndicate or a member of a crime syndicate.
(c) a corporate entity whose directors or officers fall under the category of Bouryokudan-in members.

(5) If the person making reservation request has said or done something that causes significant inconvenience to other guests.
(6)If the person making reservation request is clearly recognized as a person with a contagious disease.
(7) If a violent demand is made with regard to the accommodation or if a burden exceeding a reasonable range is demanded.
(8)When our inn is unable to accommodate the guest due to a natural disaster, breakdown of facilities, or other unavoidable reasons.
(9) If it is considered the person making reservation request is intoxicated and extremely disturbing to the neighborhood, or if the guest has said or done something that is extremely disturbing to other guests.
(10) If the guest is bringing in hazardous materials (firearms such as stoves, petroleum, firearms) and articles harmful to the human body.
(11)  If it is considered the case falls under the provisions of Article 5 of the Kyoto Prefecture Ryokan Law Enforcement Ordinance.
(12) If the person making reservation request had fallen under any of the items provided under Article 10 in the past.

Right of Cancellation by the guest

Article 7
The guest may cancel the accommodation contract by making a request to our inn.
2 In the event all or a part of the accommodation contract (including means, foodstuffs, services, purchase of goods reserved in advance) is cancelled, our inn will charge a cancellation fee in accordance with the following (other than the cases where our inn has requested a payment of deposit in accordance with Article 3.1 but the cancellation was made prior to payment of the deposit):
(a) In case of cancellation on the day of stay, 100% of the room charge for the basic room charge and each additional person; from 7 days prior to the day before the day of stay 80%, and from  14 days prior 50%. However, if there is a different cancellation fee is applicable for a particular plan, the cancellation fee set for the plan will prevail.
(b) If a guest does not arrive at 8:00 p.m. on the day of stay without informing the facility, or if the guest does not arrive at the facility more than 2 hours after the scheduled arrival time (not later than 8 p.m.), the reservation will be deemed to have been cancelled by the applicant.
(c) If the number of reserved days is shortened, the cancellation fee determined based on one day (first day) will be charged irrespective of the number of cancelled days.
(d) In  the event the reservation is deemed to have been cancelled pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph and if it is proven that the reason due to the non-arrival or delay of a transportation service or other reasons not attributable to the guest, no cancellation fee will be charged; provided that the guest has notified as such to our inn.

Cancellation Policy

No show The day of stay 7 days prior 14 days prior
Cancellation Fee 100% 100% 80% 50%

If the number of reserved days is shortened, the cancellation fee determined based on one day (first day) will be charged irrespective of the number of cancelled days.


Article 8
Guests are requested to register the following items upon check-in to our inn.
(1) Guest’s name, date of birth, gender, address and occupation
(2) For non Japanese, nationality, passport number, place and date of entry into Japan, and place of stay if there are overnight stays before or after the date of entry.
(3) In the case of a non-Japanese who does not have a domicile in Japan, a copy of his/her passport, in addition to the provisions of the preceding item.
(4) Date and estimated time of departure
(5) Names of accompanying persons
(6) Other items deemed necessary by our inn

2 In the case of a non-Japanese who does not have a domicile in Japan, a copy of his/her passport will be photocopied.

Hours of Use of our Facility

Article 9
Guests may check-in between 15:00 and 19:00 (check-in time).  For check-in after 19:00, an additional fee will be charged.  Check-out time is 10 a.m.

Subject to availability, our inn may accommodate for early check-in or extended check-out with additional charges as provided below:
(1)Early check-in charges
From 13:00-15:00 to 15:00  with an additional charge of JPY5,500 per hour

(2)Extended check-out charges
JPY3,000 per 30 minutes from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon
Another overnight stay will be charged for extension after 12:00 noon

In the case of consecutive nights stay (2 or more nights) the facility may be used for the entire day except for the day of arrival and the day of departure.

Cancellation from our inn

Article 10
Our inn may cancel the accommodation contract in the following cases irrespective of during the agreed period of stay or not:

(1)In the event the guest falls under any of Article 6.3 to 6.12
(2)In the event anyone other than the accepted guest has entered the facility
(3)Smoking in areas other than the designated areas or otherwise failing to comply with our rules of use for fire prevention.  Smoking in the bedroom is strictly prohibited.
(4)In the event any false information is found in the accommodation request or registration.

Compliance of Rules of Use

Article 11
Guests are required to follow the “Rules of Use” established by the facility while in the facility.


Article 12
The breakdown of accommodation charges payable by guests shall be as listed in Appendix 1

2. Payment of the accommodation charges set forth in the preceding paragraph shall be made at the request from our inn by cash, credit card or accommodation vouchers acceptable by us.

3. The accommodation charge shall be payable even if the guest voluntarily does not stay our inn after the facility is provided to the guest and made it available for his/her use.

Responsibility of our inn

Article 13
Our inn will compensate for any damage caused to the guest in course of our performance of the accommodation contract and related agreements, or in the event of failing to perform in accordance with such

Handling of cases where agreed contents cannot be provided

Article 14
If our inn is unable to provide the contracted accommodation, it will, with the consent of the guest, arrange for other accommodation under the same conditions as far as possible.

2. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if our inn is unable to find other accommodations, it will pay the guest compensation fee equivalent to the cancellation fee which shall constitute payment of damages; provided that, the reason for the inability to provide alternative accommodation is not attributable to our inn, no compensation fee will be paid.

Handling of Deposited Property

Article 15
Our inn does not handle any deposit items. We are not responsible for any loss, damage, or other loss of or damage to any items, cash, or valuables brought into our inn by guests.

Storage of baggage or personal belongings of guests

Article 16
Valuables, with the exception of guest baggage, etc., cannot be received or stored prior to the stay.

If a guest’s luggage or personal belongings (including those in a safety box) are left behind at our inn after the guest has checked out, they will be kept at our inn for 7 days, including the day of discovery. All other items will be disposed.

Responsibility of car parking

Article 17
Our inn has a free parking lot for guests, but it is a place to rent and our inn is not responsible for custody or management of the vehicles.


Article 18
Guests shall be responsible for their own use of computers and other communication devices in the facility of our inn. Our inn shall not be liable for any damages incurred by guests as a result of service interruptions caused by system failures or other reasons when using computers or other communication devices.

Responsibility of guests

Article 19
In the event that our inn suffers damage due to the intentional or negligent act of a guest, the guest may be required to compensate us for the damage.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Article 20
Any and all disputes arising in connection with these terms and conditions shall be resolved in accordance with the laws of Japan in the Kyoto District Court and the Kyoto Summary Court having jurisdiction over the location of this facility.

Appendix 1

Total Amount Payable by the Guest

1) Accommodation Charge Basic Price (Room Charge + Breakfast)
Additional charges, including the charges for each accompanied person (including breakfast)
2) Other Charge Payment for meals, foodstuffs, goods, and services purchased
3) Tax VAT tax

Total Amount Payable by a Day Traveler 日帰り利用者が支払うべき総額

1) Usage Charge Basic Price (Room Charge)
Additional charges, including the charges for each accompanied person (including breakfast
2) Other Charge Payment for meals, foodstuffs, goods, and services purchased
3) Tax VAT tax

cf. The basic price and other charges shall be the amounts pubished by our inn at the time of reservation.
cf. Infants stay is free of charge (neither bedding nor breakfast are provided)

 Rules of Use

 No persons other than those registered to stay at our inn will be allowed to enter the facility of our inn.  An accommodation charge of the same amount will be applied for overnight stays or a facility rental fee as applicable.
Smoking is prohibited within the premises of our inn.
As our inn is a wooden facility located in a residential area, please do not make others feel uncomfortable by loud singing, boisterous behavior, or any other behavior that may cause trouble for the residents in the neighborhood.
The following items may not be brought into the facility
(a) Items that emit a significant odor.
(b) Items that are in a significantly large quantity.
(c) Explosives, volatile oils, or other items that can easily ignite or catch fire.
(D) Firearms and swords not lawfully authorized for possession
(e) Marijuana, narcotics, stimulants, etc.

Do not engage in gambling or any other conduct that may be offensive to public morals in the premises of our inn.
Do not allow visitors to enter the facility, move, process, or remove equipment, goods, or other items from the facility.
Do not use the facility for purposes other than those for which it was originally intended.
Do not attach foreign objects to the building or equipment of the facility, or move them to other places in the facility.
Drunken persons are not permitted to use the baths.
Guests are required to observe the following hours of operation in our inn.  However, the hours may be changed temporarily if necessary or unavoidable. In such cases, our inn will notify the guests by appropriate means.
(1) Front desk service hours: 13:00-19:00
(2) Breakfast time:  between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.  8:00 a.m. in principle, but not necessarily

Prohibited Acts and Requests for Guests Accompanying Dogs

  • Please be sure to bring your dog’s leash to the inn. If you forget to bring your dog’s leash, your dog will not be allowed to stay at the inn.
  • It is prohibited to leave your dog unattended at the inn for extended periods of time.
  • In the accommodation building, only the multipurpose space is a permitted area for dogs.  In the multi-purpose space, dogs must be placed in a cage or carry bag, or on a leash attached to a hook on the wall to make themselves at home in the multi-purpose space.  Please note that the hearth table area, the space in front of the kitchen, the staircase landing, the restroom in the first floor, and the entire second floor are off-limits areas for dogs.
  • If the dog barks when the owner is not nearby, the guest can sleep in front of the kitchen on the first floor.  However, sleeping together in futon with the dog is prohibited.
  • Please be sure to clean up dog feces and urine within the premises of our inn, including inside and outside of accommodation building.
  • Since our inn is located in a residential area, please understand that if we receive complaints about your dog from the neighborhood, we may ask you to leave the premises.
  • If feces and urine are found left inside or outside the facility of our inn after check-out, JPY50,000 will be charged as a cleaning fee.
  • In the event of damage to the accommodation building or any equipment or fixtures in the facility, the actual cost will be charged.
  • Please understand that our inn is not responsible for any accidents or injuries that occur during your dog’s stay.
  • When walking outside, please always use a leash and never leave your dog unattended.

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